• Projects

    We hope that you can work on your own projects while using the makerspace, but we also offer opportunities to work on community maker projects. Visit our projects page for current project details. 

  • Classes

    We often work with classes on projects and related training.

    • Are you a faculty member that would like to schedule a maker class or incorporate making in to an assignment for your students?
    • Are you a student who would like to make something for a class assignment?

    Contact us!


  • Events & Workshops

    We offer many events and workshops throughout the academic year. Please visit our main maker page for a current programming listing.

  • Appointments

    If you would like to schedule an appointment to learn how to use a piece of equipment or discuss projects ideas, please contact us via our contact form  or visit the makerspace (if the makerspace is not open please visit a library service counter).

  • Walk-In

    Stop by during our open maker space hours to learn what we have to offer or how to use one or more resources. Visit our maker space hours page for current hours.