Library Research Awards

The Library Research Awards Committee invites the submission of papers written during the current academic year. First, second and third place recipients will receive cash awards [$250, $150 and $100] and be recognized for their academic achievement during the final faculty meeting of the Spring 2020 semester.

Any member of the OCC faculty may submit student research papers, after obtaining the student's permission to do so. Submission must come from a faculty member. If a student would like to submit a paper, s/he should contact the faculty member who assigned the paper.


Criteria for selection: in addition to "quality and effectiveness" the committee is especially eager to read papers that show students "catching the fire" of research and writing. "Catching the fire" is our way of describing what happens when students dive - headlong and with gusto! - into a critical examination of vital questions or issues. We are looking for papers that go beyond the mere reporting of the results of their research.

Submissions should include: the paper, a cover sheet containing the student's name, faculty member's name, the course and section number and a copy of the writing assignment.

Papers ("clean" copies only, please) and cover sheets should be submitted to Barbara Scheibel, Committee Chair, on or before April 30, 2021.

Thank you.

The Selection Committee