Multi-Search Box Tutorial

This tutorial will introduce you to the Multi-Search box on the Library’s website. The search box will provide you with a variety of results such as: journal articles, books in the Library’s physical collection, electronic books, as well as video and audio files.

The “All Resources” radio button is automatically selected when you use the search box, but you can click on the “Articles,” “Books,” and additional radio buttons if you’d like to refine your search (see Figure 1).

Multi-Search Box

Figure 1


For example, searching for the terms “global warming” using the default “All Resources” search will provide you with a large number of results including books, videos, and articles. You can narrow down your results by “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals,” “Date,” and also by “Source Types” using the limiters on the left navigation bar (see Figure 2). 

Image of the limiting options, which are shown on the left navigation bar on the results page

Figure 2


If you would rather only receive books, go to the Library’s homepage and click on the books radio button, then enter your search words in the box (see Figure 3).

Image of Multi-Search box with the words “global warming” typed in, and the “Books” radio button is circled

Figure 3


Selecting the articles radio button to conduct your global warming search from the homepage will also provide fewer results by excluding the video and book entries. You can still limit the results you receive.

Finding almost anything can seem overwhelming, but the Multi-Search box is a useful tool to find materials on a topic that you may not know much information about. The vast number of results will increase your chance of finding a book or article that sparks your interest in a particular topic.