Patron Records Policy

Coulter Library will uphold section 4509 of New York State Law regarding patron's library records.

Therefore, no personal information of any kind can be legally released to anyone by Coulter Library, regardless of the requestor's official status, unless a court order or subpoena is presented and has been verified and authenticated by the campus attorney. In addition, such records can only be released "by the person in charge of such library, or a designee of such person" (section 2307, New York State Law).

SEE ALSO New York State Law

Records Retention

The third overdue notice is retained for billing purposes. Once an item has been returned all paperwork related to the loan transaction is shredded.

Active billing paperwork is kept for 10 years. Once an item has been returned, the billing paperwork becomes a completed overdue.

Completed overdue paperwork will be kept for two years plus the current year. The paperwork will be double checked to insure all records are current.