Community Users - Overdue/Lost Items

Once an item is overdue, community users will receive three email notices to remind them to return the item(s).  After the third notification, borrowing privileges will be suspended and users will be mailed a bill for the item(s). If the user was a former OCC student a restriction is placed on their campus record, which will prevent them from receiving a copy of their transcript or allowing them to register until their financial obligation to the library has been fulfilled.

Replacement of Overdue/Lost Items

Community users must either return, pay for, or replace the lost item to get borrowing privileges reinstated. Lost materials are billed at purchase cost.  A user has the option of replacing a lost item with a new or used item in very good condition. The replacement must be identical in format (e.g., hard cover vs. soft cover, etc.) and in the details of publication (e.g., edition, year, publisher, etc.) A librarian may be able to assist with obtaining a used replacement.

Patron type: 
Community User