Faculty Reserve

  • Once received it may take up to 3 class days to process items at which time you will receive confirmation of completion. Please postpone notifying your students until this confirmation is received.
  • Supplying the master copies of items or a link to an online resource is your responsibility.
    • Only small portions of any copyrighted print work may be placed on reserves (see "Specific Guidelines" for more details).
    • Please keep in mind that your students and the library staff need sharp, clear masters to make readable photocopies or electronic copies for e-reserves.
  • When submitting items please include:
    • The source of the item
    • The title by which you will refer to the item
    • The syllabus or assignment sheet, if applicable
  • If an extra copy of your textbook is available consider placing it on reserve (students frequently inquire about the availability of textbooks).
  • At the end of each spring semester, we will ask you to review your reserve items.
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