Course reserves are items (including books, DVDs, CDs, A/V items, journal articles and/or photocopies, electronic resources, instructional equipment, and non-book items) chosen by instructors to support class instruction. The items are maintained in a separate location within the library, and access to the item is more restricted than is the access to items in general circulation.

The purpose of a reserve collection is to:

  • support OCC's instructors and/or departments toward access of items stated above;
  • provide timely, convenient, and efficient access to high-demand items; and
  • make textbooks more readily available.

The library encourages the incorporation of a variety of course content through our course reserve system. The service is provided in a manner that respects the rights of copyright holders and the limitations to those rights as specified in current copyright law (See "Specific Guidelines" for more information).


Course Reserves are available all hours that the library is open.