Schedule for Thursday, January 24, 2019

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Room: 240C240D240E240F240H240J
8:45Open Open Open Open Open Open
9:15ReservedOpen Open Open Open Reserved
9:45ReservedOpen Open ReservedOpen Reserved
10:15ReservedOpen Open ReservedReservedReserved
10:45ReservedReservedReservedReservedOpen Reserved
11:15ReservedReservedReservedReservedOpen Open
11:45ReservedReservedReservedOpen ReservedOpen
12:15ReservedReservedReservedOpen ReservedReserved
12:45Open Open Open Open ReservedReserved
1:15ReservedOpen Open Open ReservedReserved
1:45ReservedReservedOpen ReservedReservedReserved
2:15ReservedReservedOpen ReservedReservedReserved
2:45ReservedReservedOpen ReservedReservedReserved
3:15ReservedReservedOpen ReservedOpen Reserved
3:45ReservedOpen Open Open Open Reserved
4:15Open Open Open Open Open Reserved
4:45Open Open Open Open Open Reserved
5:15Open ReservedOpen Open Open Reserved
5:45Open ReservedOpen Open Open Reserved
6:15Open ReservedOpen Open ReservedOpen
6:45Open ReservedOpen Open ReservedOpen
7:15Open Open Open Open ReservedOpen
7:45Open Open Open Open ReservedOpen
8:15Open Open Open Open Open Open

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