We hope that you can work on your own projects while using the makerspace, but we also offer opportunities to work on community maker projects.

Current Projects

  • Book Mural - We are looking for OCC community members to help us with a mural that will placed over our Life and Time bounded volumes on the third floor of the library. 
  • Makerspace Sign - We would like a makerspace sign created out of recycled/reusable materials. Can you help? 
  • Makerspace Decorating - We would like help decorating our makerspace room. Some things we would love to add are: decorated makerspace guidelines (we'll provide the guidelines, you design the look), lego strips with lego characters and creations attached to them, card catalog artwork, and more...

Do any of the above projects interest you? If yes, please contact us to find out how you an participate.