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Students - Library Accounts

To open a library account, the student fills out a registration card, and a library bar code is then placed on the back of the OCC ID card, which is then used as the library card. If a student is in the library's system but does not have an OCC ID card, he/she can still open their library account and receive a library barcode by showing their New York State driver's license.

Patron Records Policy

Coulter Library will uphold section 4509 of New York State Law regarding patron's library records.

Therefore, no personal information of any kind can be legally released to anyone by Coulter Library, regardless of the requestor's official status, unless a court order or subpoena is presented and has been verified and authenticated by the campus attorney. In addition, such records can only be released "by the person in charge of such library, or a designee of such person" (section 2307, New York State Law).

SEE ALSO New York State Law

Cash Transactions Policy

The Course Reserve desk (2nd Floor)  and Information desk (1st Floor) staff will make change for patrons if there is change available in the money box. There is a $20.00 limit per day.

Acquisitions Policy


Broadly stated, the goals of Coulter Library are to assist our students and our colleagues in the search for understanding, to serve as an oasis for lifelong learning, and to nourish and protect our students' love of learning. Consequently, our primary purpose in acquiring library materials is to facilitate learning, particularly learning that is keyed to or sparked by the curricular interests, personal needs, and growing awareness of each member of the community we serve.


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