Global Maker Day Challenges

Global Maker Day Challenges

We had several students enter our global maker day challenges raffle. You can find some of them on Twitter or Instagram by seraching for the following hashtags #OCCmakers and #GlobalMakerDay! The challenges are listed below.

A. Make a toilet paper roll functional.

B. Create 3D content in augmented reality using 3DBear. Download the app at

C. Using TinkerCad, design a personalized keychain (don’t forget the hole for the key ring!).

D. Make something that does something using our bin full of low-tech items such as recyclables & supplies.

E. Fit yourself through a single index card.

F. Using only Legos, create one of the following:

  1. A Halloween inspired creation
  2. First initial of your name
  3. A bridge for a mini-figure to cross
  4. Blaze 
  5. A library inspired creation
  6. Your choice!